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Warminster Christmas

trees and lights 2020


Warminster Town Council has erected Christmas trees over the shops in the town centre. Normally shops

pay a contribution towards the cost of buying and installing the trees. This year the council has stepped in to provide them free of charge to help local businesses during this very difficult time.  Businesses have told the council they are delighted with this gesture. The council has also put up trees and lights above any empty shops, to make the town look

bright and jolly. The trees are five-foot non-drop

Nordmann Firs, adorned with white lights


This year’s Christmas Lights will be illuminated as

usual, but regrettably, there will be no Christmas Lights switch on owing to the current COVID-19 restrictions. 


Town Clerk Fiona Fox said: “We are disappointed that we will not have the usual gathering to see the Christmas Lights turned on, but we will do all we can to make the town feel festive. This is a very difficult time for many businesses and retailers, and they need the support of the local community.  We have asked businesses to keep the town council in touch with their plans over the festive season.”

The Town Clerk continued, “Things can change

swiftly.  Please follow social media [facebook.com/warminstertowncouncil], the town council’s website [www.warminster-tc.gov.uk], Warminster Community Radio and local press for Christmas updates as our plans evolve to fit around the national lockdown, this will include the Christmas Window competition.”



Take the Warminster Pledge

Warminster Town Council has already taken big steps to becoming a greener council and to achieving its

goal of net zero carbon by 2030. Now, the council has adopted a 10-point Action Plan known as the Warminster Pledge. The pledge is aimed at everyone who lives in Warminster and the surrounding area. It consists of a number of small actions that we can undertake in order reverse the impact of climate change that we see happening today.

Cllr Denis Brett said “I am glad that the town council has committed itself to the Warminster Pledge. To demonstrate the importance to this, councillors are endeavouring to undertake several pledges.  We

invite the people of Warminster to come on board with this great enterprise.”

Cllr Brett added “For myself, move your money is an important commitment and I have already taken action on this. I am endeavouring to rewild some of my garden and I am travel smart, these are my top three and in time, I hope to fulfil all the pledges.”

Chairman of the Climate Change Working Group,

Cllr Steve Jeffries said:“These pledges are simple steps that most of us can take, but the combined effect can be substantial. I have recently changed all of the light bulbs in my home to LED types in order to save

energy and have also purchase a new bike so that

I am able to reduce dependency on the car.”

Cllr Jeffries continued: “I will also commit to changing my energy contract to a renewable supplier when I move contracts early next year. These are small things that most people can do and together, we will have a positive effect upon the environment.”

Cllr Tony Nicklin said he was a keen supporter of Switch off! – save energy at home and save money, something he had bene doing for years. Tony also shop locally for fresh food.  He has also planted 10 new trees and is rewilding a small paddock.

Cllr Nicklin urged action now, “If we truly believe in what is happening to our climate then we will not hesitate to change ourselves and the way that we

live. There are opportunities to add our simple contribution towards the Towns combined response and make a BIG BIG difference. Let’s do it today, I have.”

Please press here to see the full pledge

Please press here for the response form

To email your response directly



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Film matinee -


2pm Civic Centre
Tickets £4.00 to include tea/coffee and biscuits. Doors open at 1.30pm

Film matinee -   


2pm Civic Centre

Tickets £4.00 to include tea/coffee and biscuits. Doors open at 1.30pm


Film matinee -



2pm Civic Centre
Tickets £4.00 to include tea/coffee and biscuits. Doors open at 1.30pm
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